Leave the House: Gate 403

Tried it?      Yes

Liked it?      Yes

I went here with a group after seeing a Swedish vampire movie at the Revue last Friday (yes, I know). I tried to go to their website and gave up after it went through page after ambiguous page of one-line arty nonsense and I had to hold-click on the word “eat” to look at their menu, which annoyed me. Prepare for fail, thought I…

I was pleasantly surprised at the low level of annoyance I felt as we entered the place. After being seated and told that there was no Guinness, I was offered a sample of the stout that they did have, which I appreciated. I also appreciated the fact that nobody there seemed to take offense that we were a bunch of nerds in an arty-looking jazz bar.

They were playing live music with a female singer, which I usually don’t like, but it was neither too loud nor too pretentious. The best thing, though, was the guy at the end of the bar. He was wearing a flowy trench coat and had flowy hair and a flowy beard/moustache combo… like Silent Bob, only flowy. He kept stroking his moustache in a knowing way all through the set, and it completely MADE MY NIGHT. I would suggest that you go to this place if only for the chance of experiencing the moustache man.

I don’t really remember much else about the experience, but let’s review:
Website: annoying.
Place: not annoying.
Service: pleasant.
Music: not too pretentious.
Moustache man: FANTASTIC.

Gate 403 Bar & Grill
403 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, ON M6R 2N1
(416) 588-2930

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