Leave the House: The Black Horse

Tried it?      Yes

Liked it?      Yes

After moving from the Annex a few years ago, I was dismayed to find so few brunch offerings in the Bloorcourt area, but I was determined to sample each and every one. I take my brunch seriously, kids. I want it fast, good, and without attitude. And if you aren’t willing to provide me with coffee on a more than regular basis, you can take your stupid carafe and go home.

The Black Horse is some kind of crazy mix between lovely pub and greasy spoon. They have beautiful stained glass in the windows and cute little photos of the neighborhood (circa 1920 or so) on the walls, but their kitchen is at the front of the restaurant for all to see—they even have a surly cook in a white t-shirt! However, this means little to me—you could sit me on a toilet with the seat down in front of a TV table so long as you meet my high expectations for Sunday afternoon sustenance.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: they offer a veggie omelette for under $10 that isn’t so much omelette as it is a folded frittata but, if you like lots of fresh veg, this what you want. It is what I have always ordered, and it has never disappointed; the only drawback is that the bread choice does not include rye (hint, hint…). The waitress is lovely, friendly, and quick on her toes with the coffee pot when you catch her eye. And I’ve heard a mix of Neil Diamond and swing hits on the sound system on more than one occasion. This pleases me.

The only reason why we haven’t been more often is that my husband prefers variety and, unfortunately, said variety is lacking on the menu as far as vegetarian options go. But if a certain waitress is working at Hurricanes on a given Sunday, it’s my first choice for a lazy ten-minute walk down to Bloor for a bite and a bulk shop.

Come summer, we’ll be back more often—there’s a table on the back patio that’s canopied by a gorgeous, droopy tree. Don’t be getting any ideas, mind you—I call dibs every Sunday.

The Black Horse
403 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, ON M6R 2N1
(416) 588-2930

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