Throw Away Your Cal’s Calzone Zone Frequent Calzone Eater’s Card

img_0603Tried it?      Yes

Liked it?      Yes

I was jonesing for baked calzone but, since it was approaching 8 p.m., cheese wasn’t a good idea (not only because of the fat content—dairy tends to disagree with me in the evenings because I’m old and lame). I also didn’t have the patience for yeast, and the corner bakery that usually supplies me with pizza dough was closed. So off to the Internet I went!

I jury-rigged a Bisquick pizza dough recipe I found here (not enough water, and I used my own biscuit mix), opened a jar of Classico Roasted Portobello Mushroom pasta sauce, enlisted my husband’s mad veg-chopping skills, and prepared myself for some hot calzone action…

Vegan Warning: Milk. It’s in the biscuit mix. If you want an alternate recipe, make this one with water instead of milk (I haven’t tried it, though—it’s full of salad oil, whatever that is).

img_0596Clone Calzone
1 cup Bistrick (plus a little extra for dusting—click here for the recipe)
1/3 cup hot water (or more, as needed)
1 cup various sliced toppings (red onion, mushrooms, spinach, etc.)
1/3 cup pasta/pizza sauce (just enough to coat the toppings)
Preheat oven to 425°F. add hot water to Bistrick and mix until it forms a ball. Knead lightly, roll into a very thin circle on a lightly dusted cutting board, and transfer circle to a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Combine toppings with sauce. Spoon topping mixture onto half of the dough circle, keeping a 1-inch area around the edges. Fold dough over, rolling edges up to seal. Bake for 13 minutes.

img_0599I doubled the recipe and added more sauce (so we could split one big one into two servings); this taught me two lessons. First, too much sauce equals lots of hot, squirty liquid, which is not very fun. Second, even though the dough cooked all the way through, the toppings didn’t—this would be less of a problem with smaller calzones. Oh, and rolling the dough as thinly as possible is important; it doesn’t have to be paper-thin but, because the dough contains baking powder, it will puff up in the oven.

img_0602All told, I couldn’t believe how close to a calzone it seemed. Even my skeptical husband agreed that the cheese wasn’t missed. Really, when it comes with calzone, anything less than a hyperbolic ton of cheese is barely noticible anyway. And it’s huge, filling, and low in fat!

You’re welome.

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