Leave the House: Bloor Sweet Cafe

Tried it?      Yes

Liked it?      No

If you’re looking for a place that seems to have bought their inside signage from a Second Cup closing sale, you’ve found it. Sure, they sell a different brand of coffee, but they offer the same baked goods—they do have sandwiches, however, and a cute African violet in the side window.

We had chai lattes and one of those saran-wrapped chocolate chunk cookies that cause you to gain ten pounds by thinking about it. The lattes were quite nice; not being a denizen of overpriced coffee shops, I’m not sure if $2.29 is a bit much for a small (like Tim Horton’s dixie-cup small, if you get my drift). Unfortunately, we did not eat the cookie whilst we were there because my husband lost his appetite.

I had gone downstairs to use the washroom, which must had just been cleaned if the suds in the toilet and reek of disinfectant were any indication. My husband was sitting at the table, facing an elderly couple at another table. The wife appeared to have been having some coughing issues before she suddenly PUKED ALL OVER THE TABLE. Her husband ran for some newspapers to clean it up and ushered her out of the restaurant. The two people working there DID NOTHING. They didn’t ask her if she was okay, and they certainly didn’t offer any serviettes. The small children seated behind us, I was later told, were HORRIFIED.

I must have taken my sweet time in the washroom because I missed all the fun and was spared the gory details until we had left. The employees didn’t move from behind the counter the whole time we were there.

Hey—I’m not saying that it’s their fault that someone puked in their establishment. I just really hope someone eventually cleaned that table. However, because it didn’t happen before we left, I don’t think I’ll be going back at any point in the near future.

Bloor Sweet Cafe
641 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M6G 1L1
(416) 516-9458

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