Leave the House: Hurricane’s

Tried it?      Yes

Liked it?      Meh

I’ve had many good experiences at Hurricane’s. The karaoke is fun, and I have been (up until recently) a fan of their brunches.

Since Disgraceland opened next door, Hurricanes has been trying to revamp their menu to appeal to the ironic hipster set without raising their prices to match—a valiant (albeit quaint) effort. I went there at least two Sundays per month until a very unsettling and negative customer service experience caused me to avoid the place like the plague for a month or two.

Basically, I didn’t get toast with my breakfast; this would not have been a problem if I was told that they did not have bread. I don’t eat eggs without toast, so I would have ordered something else. Simple, right? Apparently not.

We were told that the boss was out getting bread. Half an hour later, someone whom I’m assuming was the boss came back and took her sweet time chatting her way through the restaurant. By then, my breakfast was cold. I was then served a soggy, half-toasted hamburger bun. The look on my face prompted the waitress to say, “Oh – you don’t want it now?”

Being a wuss, I paid the bill. I was just too hungry to complain, and I was too shocked at not being provided with any apology to have found the words to do so.

I’ve been back once since then. If I see the waitress in question working (which, unfortunately, is most Sundays), I walk back out. However, the price is great and coffee is included—and everyone else who works there is pretty cool and laid back. I don’t fault the place for having one employee who’s lacking in customer service skills. Just be forewarned: your experience may vary. Oh, and if you order something, make sure that they have what you’re ordering because, apparently, you DO have to ask.

Hurricane’s Roadhouse Restaurant
963 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M6H 1L7
(416) 531-7818

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